Diamond Brokerage Services Delray Beach

If you are in the market for a diamond (with GIA Certificate) or any other precious stone of specific shape, size and weight you may consider the services of a diamond broker in Delray Beach.

Perhaps, you are in search of a specific diamond for an engagement ring. An experienced diamond broker has the available resources, knowledge and experience to help you find the diamond that you are searching for. Your diamond broker is available to search for your perfect diamond while also acting as a consultant if desired. 

Mr. Chaim Tubero of A.D.S. Jewelry has been in the diamond industry for over 33 years and as a member of the Diamond Dealers Club of South East United States he has access to the world diamond market and can get information and the location of any diamond you desire as your diamond broker Delray Beach. 

Contact A.D.S.Jewelry Inc. today to learn more about this diamond buyer Delray Beach. We guarantee that you will receive excellent service by an ethical and dedicated diamond buyer West Palm Beach.



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